Success Stories

"When I start to sing...there's nothing I can't do."

Trevor Gibbons was a carpenter, installing windows on the fourth floor of a new building when he had his first stroke. The confusion and dizziness caused him to lose his balance and fall, resulting in an additional spinal cord injury. A year later, after suffering another stroke and undergoing cervical spine surgery, he came to...

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"Now that You're Standing...I Want You to Sing!"

Following complications from gastric bypass surgery, Denise Seda was left with organ failure, breathing problems and dehydration. After recovery, she was unable to walk, so she came to Beth Abraham Health Services for rehabilitation.

Denise was depressed and she felt that her throat was damaged, leaving her unable to sing and unwilling...

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“Music offered me a cathartic way to express my feelings and get past terror and negativity."

In 2001, three men entered Jeremy Deliotte’s New York apartment. After a 22-hour ordeal, they assaulted him, set him on fire and left him to die. But he survived. With both arms so badly injured that they had to be amputated, Jeremy started the long road to recovery. Along with physical...

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"My music therapist helped get me back on track."

Horace Stewart was robbed and attacked with an ice pick, resulting in traumatic brain injury that affected his short–term memory and his ability to speak. His speech was interrupted by very long pauses, which prevented him from communicating effectively.

Guitar playing, drum playing and singing allowed Horace to begin to express...

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“The iPod might not help me cross the street, but going home and listening to the musical content makes me happy and keeps me going."

At 26 years old, Everett Dixon had a massive stroke. He woke one morning to find that he was unable to move his right side. Considered a genetically caused stroke, the specific cause was Sickle Cell Anemia. The stroke had affected not only movement,...

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