Success Stories

Therapeutic Music Serves as Memory Shortcut to Happier Times

A few years ago, Maria Serrano experienced a fall that changed her life forever. Her fall was serious, she broke her leg in four places, she tore ligaments, and blood flow to her leg was severely impacted. Surgeons were unable to repair the damage and due to the lack of circulation to her leg, it was amputated above the...

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"The music gives me energy and it makes me feel good..."

Ten years ago, Sean Dawkins was the innocent victim of a drive by shooting. He spent the next four months in a coma with a traumatic brain injury. After waking from his coma, Sean was wheelchair bound, unable to see clearly and understandably angry about his fate.

After undergoing extensive rehabilitation, Sean was able to live...

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"Music makes me move, and moving is key to getting better."

A neurological examination discovered a malformation in the left frontal hemisphere of chef Carey Gordon. Surgery followed, but side effects from the resection left him with severe speech, motor control and memory impairment.

One day, while attending the Beth Abraham Adult Day Health Care Program, a fellow registrant...

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