"Now that You're Standing...I Want You to Sing!"

Following complications from gastric bypass surgery, Denise Seda was left with organ failure, breathing problems and dehydration. After recovery, she was unable to walk, so she came to Beth Abraham Health Services for rehabilitation.

Denise was depressed and she felt that her throat was damaged, leaving her unable to sing and unwilling to speak. She would barely move when she began music therapy.

Denise had been a singer before her surgery, and her music therapist encouraged her to sing again. Her progress was measured musically, by how her vocal range increased and physiologically, and how healthy she felt from day to day.

Eventually, Denise was able to pull herself up to stand for the first time. Immediately she phoned her music therapist and asked her to come and see her. The music therapist, with tears in her eyes, said, “Now that you’re standing, I want you to sing.”

Denise is now living back home and employed, working with deaf people. She also sings at weddings and Sweet Sixteen parties. She has sung at New York Knicks Games and at the United Nations. Her dream? To sing the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium.