"When I start to sing...there's nothing I can't do."

Trevor Gibbons was a carpenter, installing windows on the fourth floor of a new building when he had his first stroke. The confusion and dizziness caused him to lose his balance and fall, resulting in an additional spinal cord injury. A year later, after suffering another stroke and undergoing cervical spine surgery, he came to Beth Abraham Health Services for sub acute rehabilitation. Harnessed in an immobilizing body brace, Trevor had difficulty talking. His vocal chords had been damaged and he was dealing with tremendous physical and emotional pain. He was unable to express himself verbally but he found another outlet through the simple melodies of gospel songs.

Encouraged by his music therapist, Trevor began singing and writing his own music. During one improvisation, he was “sitting at the window watching all the cars go by, wondering why [he felt] so empty inside,” which became the first words of his very first song. While a patient at Beth Abraham Health Services, Trevor composed and produced several albums containing original music.

About Trevor's Music...

"Music is my inspiration, my escape from sadness and loneliness and pain. When I start to sing, it opens up my mind and I think 'there's nothing I can't do.'"

Trevor’s song, The Song of the Birds was inspired by the birds that would sing every morning outside Trevor's window. He would wake up unmotivated and tired, but the birds outside brought him the hope and inspiration to get up, get out of bed, and do his best to make it through his recovery. He felt like the birds were singing a positive song, and was thankful to have made it through another night. This specific song demonstrates Trevor’s way of keeping a positive insight despite his circumstances, by letting something as simple as birds chirping serve as an inspiration.