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Music Therapy Intern Application Form

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) welcomes prospective interns who have successfully completed music therapy training at an approved music therapy program. IMNF requires a Legal Affiliation Agreement with your referring Academic Institution prior to start of the Internship. Intern cannot begin the internship without a complete signed Legal Affiliation Agreement.

Internships typically run from early September through late May (Monday – Friday); special arrangements can be accommodated if needed. If you would like to apply to be an IMNF intern, please complete the form below.

Online Form

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* Level (please indicate):



Advanced Masters



* Accompaniment skills on piano when material is unknown beforehand i.e. ability to maintain melodic contour and basic rhythm without stopping:

* Accompaniment skills on guitar when material is unknown beforehand:

* Ability to create supportive musical accompaniment for someone who is vocalizing (to be evaluated at interview):

* Previous experience in medical settings:

* Previous experience in music and clinical music therapy work:

* Please write freely about any apprehensions you have related to work in this setting:

* What is it about a medical approach to music therapy that interests you?:

* What areas are you most interested in: (check all that apply)



Dementia and Alzheimer Care


Palliative Care

Community Music Therapy

Medical Trauma

Music psychotherapeutic approach

Pain Management

Rehabilitation: Short- and Long-term

Stress management

MIDI equipment applications

Recording studio


* Is there anything else that we should know about you or your former experience?:

Please send a video clip/DVD/audio CD with your voice, guitar, piano (and any instrument performance) that may demonstrate skills in the area of music therapeutic improvisation, site reading skills, flexibility in idioms, music therapeutic presence, MIDI familiarity, musical leadership skills or other music therapy related skills. Please do not submit any video which contains or reveals client information. If any such information is sent to us, your application will be disqualified on the basis of an ethical violation of client confidentiality expectations.

Your application along with supporting material may be sent by email to imnf@centerlight.org or, via postal mail to: Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, 612 Allerton Avenue Bronx, NY 10467