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Music Therapy References and Resources

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function suggests the following resources to learn more about music and the brain, music therapy and the therapeutic benefits and uses of music.


Fundamentals of Neurologic Disease, by Larry Davis, MD, 2005

The Self: From Soul to Brain, Joseph Ledoux, Jacek Debiek, Henry Moss, 2003

The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind–Brain Research, Pierce J. Howard, PhD, 2000

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Speech Correction, Charles Van Riper, 1963

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The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own, Richard Restak, MD, 1991

Handbook of Neurologic Rating Scales, Robert M. Herndon, 2006

Oliver Sacks

Musicophilia, 2007

An Anthropologist on Mars, 1995

Awakenings, 1973, rev. ed. 1990

A Leg to Stand On, 1984

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, 1985

Cognitive Neuroscience and Music

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, Isabelle Peretz, Robert Zatorre, 2003

Music, Language, and the Brain, Aniruddh D. Patel, 2008

The Neurosciences and Music III: Disorders and Plasticity, Simone Dalla Bella, Nina Kraus, Katie Overy, Christo Pantev, Joel S. Snyder, Mari Tervaniemi, Barbara Tilmann, Gottfried Schlaug, 2009

Rhythm, Music and the Brain: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications, Michael H. Thaut, 2005

The Neurosciences and Music, Giuliano Avanzini, Carmine Faienza, Diego Minciacchi, Luisa Lopez, Maria Majno, 2003

Music Therapy

Clinical Applications of Music in Neurologic Rehabilitiation, Concetta M. Tomaino (ed) 1998

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The Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile, Holly Tuesday Baxter, Julie Allis Berghofer, Lesa MacEwan, Judy Nelson, Kasi Peters, Penny Roberts, 2007

The New Music Therapist’s Handbook, Susan B. Hanser, 1999

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Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants, Monika Nocker–Ribaupierre, 2004

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Clinical Guide to Music Therapy in Adult Physical Rehabilitation Settings, Elizabeth H. Wong, MT–BC, 2004

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Dialogues Across Disciplines, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, 2002

Managing the Generation Mix: From Urgency to Opportunity, Carolyn A. Martin, PhD, Bruce Tulgan, 2006

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Measure of the Heart: A Father's Alzheimer's, A Daughter's Return, Mary Ellen Geist, 2008