Aging in Place Musically for Community-Based Programs

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function’s Aging in Place Musically, a Well-Tuned™: Music Players for Health Program designed for community-based health care organizations, brings improved quality of life to patients of health care agencies and Adult Day Health Care centers.

Short and long term home care and adult day health care offer an opportunity to improve a patient’s quality of life. Through more than 30 years of music therapy experience, the IMNF has found that by reconnecting patients with their favorite music, the result is often reduced depression and anxiety and improved mood. Aging in Place Musically is especially helpful for people with dementia, as a way to reduce agitation and increase cooperation and attention.

One hundred percent of the health care professionals involved with this program report positive changes to mood and behavior for those patients with access to MP3 player/iPod–based personalized music. Increased cooperation and attentiveness by the elderly and infirm benefit everyone.

The IMNF provides technical assistance to help your agency provide this service. For more information or to get started, please call 718-519-5840 or 888-792-2237 or email us at

Aging in Place Musically – Fast Start

Through Aging in Place Musically, the IMNF will make it possible for home health care agencies and adult day health care programs to offer this exceptional service to their patients. The Aging in Place Musically Program provides an MP3 player/iPod shuffle, music and a certified music therapist to help manage the logistics. We will work with your staff members in compiling a list of the patient’s favorite music, loading the music on the MP3 player/iPod, programming and showing the patient how to use the MP3 player/iPod shuffle.