Well-Tuned™: Music Players for Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Well-Tuned™ program?

The goal is to bring the therapeutic power of music to benefit everyone. The benefit of using an MP3 player/iPod rather than just listening to the radio is that the individual's favorite music is always available.

Someone I know has an MP3 player/ iPod. Can they help me?

Yes. But we're here to help those without such assistance available, or those who could use some expert advice. We have developed a list of questions to help you or your loved one identify the best music selection. Our licensed music therapists and other specialists work with you to personally set up everything so that you or your loved one can enjoy and benefit from the music.

How many songs should I get?

We recommend beginning with 100 songs (with room to grow to 400 ). However, people can order as many songs as they like.

What else do I get from the Well-Tuned™ Program?

When we send you the MP3 player/iPod, it will come loaded with the music you requested. We have specially chosen headphones that have wonderful rich sound and a lifetime guarantee. A power cord is included for charging the MP3 player/iPod. A printed list of the songs is also included.

What is included in the $99.00 fee?

You will receive a minimum of a 15–minute consultation with a professional who will assist you in your selection of songs. Then, an account will be created for your loved one, and each song will be purchased and loaded onto your MP3 player/iPod.

What if I want to add music later?

No problem. Send in the MP3 player/iPod and we will purchase more music on your behalf. Service charge is $25 regardless of changes, plus shipping ($10) to return the MP3 player/iPod safely to you.

Can I group songs in the way I want?

Yes. We will set up as many as three special music groupings at no charge. For example, one group of songs might be more relaxing and another more upbeat.

What are shipping costs?

There is a $10 charge for USPS First Class, with package tracking. The tracking number will be emailed when the player is shipped.

*The IMNF and Well-Tuned™: Music Players for Health complies with all regulations regarding the purchase and replication of licensed music materials.