Music Has Power Recording Studio

Located at the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function's headquarters at CenterLight Health System's Beth Abraham Health Services in the Bronx, the Music has Power Recording Studio is dedicated to the improvement of people's physical, emotional and neurological function. Developed with equipment donated by various supporters such as award-winning musician, moby and Musiodata president, Sandy Wilbur, the Music has Power Recording Studio has allowed us to take music therapy to the next level.

The studio provides a medium for creativity and rehabilitation. Using equipment ranging from electronic drums to devices that translate movement to sound, disabled and elderly residents come to the Recording Studio to increase their range of movement or improve their coordination through music making. Just as important, they come to express their creativity, overcome anxiety or depression, and compose and record their own music.

Since the opening of the Music Has Power Recording Studio, two compilation CDs, with songs written and recorded by CenterLight Health System music therapy patients, have been released. "Recording for Recovery" has 18 tracks and "Songs from the Studio" has 16 tracks.

In addition, as part of the expansion of the Institute's services to community programs within the CenterLight Health System network, a new mobile recording facility was built for the Beth Abraham Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) Program in the Bronx with the financial support of The Balm Foundation and IMNF board member, Beverly Taki.