Music Therapy and Movement Rehabilitation

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) helps patients who are unable to initiate or coordinate movements due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease with movement rehabilitation. Strong rhythmic music enables many of these patients to walk, or even dance.

Movement therapy is available on an outpatient basis through CenterLight Health System programs or as a private patient through the IMNF Music Therapy Professionals Practice.

Sessions will feature licensed music therapists, using musical instruments that require patients to use specific movements to play them. This often results in the patient’s improved strength and flexibility. The use of music encourages motivation through enjoyable and creative music experiences that accelerate the rehabilitation process and encourage practice at home.

Electronic musical instruments are used for patients with very limited movement. Computer monitored music making can measure progress and provide directive feedback to guide therapy.

What to Expect

Specialized equipment is adapted to existing abilities

Music making that provides experiences beyond those of traditional rehabilitation therapies

Fine motor (dexterity) and/or gross motor (range of motion) activities

Rhythmic, strengthening exercises

Activities that encourage motivation, focus and attention are exercised

Music therapy can provide results including:

Movement in parts of the body that have limited motion

Movement maintained in parts or the body that are affected by an illness or condition

Increased range of body movement

Confidence to perform activities independently

Motivation to participate in daily activities

Improved nerve and muscle control

For more information, contact the IMNF at 718-519-5840 or email

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