Music Therapy for Pain Management

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) works with individuals through CenterLight Health System to help them manage their pain and improve their quality of life through music therapy. Private patients may also schedule an appointment to receive music therapy services through The IMNF Music Therapy Professionals Practice.

No matter the cause of pain, it can severely limit movement and quality of life. Music therapy can help reduce the amount of pain an individual experiences; it can promote relaxation, rest and rhythmic breathing, and it can alleviate anxiety and depression.

What to Expect

Listening to music

Using music and imagery

Writing songs and discussing lyrics

Making music and singing

Music therapy can provide results including:

Managing pain with music

Requiring less pain medication

Regulated blood pressure, respiration and heart rate

Greater peace of mind

For more information on the programs and services offered by the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, please call 718-519-5840 or email