Person-Centered Therapeutic Music for Nursing Homes

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function has created Person-Centered Music for Nursing Homes, a Well-Tuned™: Music Players for Health Program designed to allow skilled nursing facilities to introduce the benefits of therapeutic music to their residents.

Abundant research shows that moving from age-appropriate music to person-appropriate music can make a significant difference in a resident’s quality of life. Nursing homes are able to use person-centered music to significantly reduce resident agitation, depression and anxiety, while improving cooperation and attentiveness.

The IMNF offers three consulting, technical assistance and support packages for nursing homes that would like to use person-centered music to benefit their residents.

The three packages will address a variety of issues, while differing, based upon how the nursing home wants to roll out the program and the degree of MP3 player/iPod knowledge.

The Person-Centered Music Program focuses on:

Policies, procedures and care plans

Orientation and staff training

Benefits of personalized music for those with dementia, depression, anxiety or pain

Setting up facility iTunes account

Budgeting and building a music library for the facility

Management of resident playlists

Securing a laptop to house music library

Deciding how best to obtain MP3 players/iPods for residents

Program evaluation component

Package 1: Person-Centered Music – Fast Start

This plan requires a program coordinator who is familiar with iTunes. Having a program coordinator who understands iTunes allows for relatively quick independent program operation.

Package includes:

Launch meeting with nursing home administrator and senior management

Half day recreation therapy staff orientation

Five two-hour training sessions in first 2 months to develop the program within the nursing home

Two meetings with director of social work, director of nursing, director of rehab, dialysis RN, lead psychiatrist and director of pastoral care

Follow-up phone and technical support

Package 2: Person-Centered Music – IMNF Supported Start Up

This plan provides more extensive training for the designated program coordinator.

Package includes:

Launch meeting with nursing home administrator and senior management

One hour recreation therapy staff overview

Weekly IMNF staff visits during the first 2 months.

Biweekly IMNF staff visits for months 3-5

Monthly IMNF staff visits for months 6-9

Training of 2 staff members so they can assume program management role

Package 3: Person-Centered Music Conference and Community Support Approach

With at least 10 facilities attending, the IMNF will provide 2 days of training in all aspects of program development and operation. Monthly meetings (or conference calls) will create a support community for sharing experiences. An online bulletin board or other online support mechanisms can be created for this group with a FAQ that will build over time to benefit others.

Package includes:

Conference registration fee

One year of monthly meetings or conference calls

Access to members–only support area of web site